What are the laboratory furniture?

Laboratory furniture refers to laboratory benches, laboratory cabinets, fume hoods, storage cabinets, etc. that are made of specific material structures in order to meet the needs of experiments. The laboratory furniture mostly uses all steel, steel wood, all wood, aluminum wood, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and PP materials, and the commonly used countertops are rational and chemical boards, epoxy resin boards, ceramic boards, marble boards and stainless steel materials.

1. Experimental bench

The experimental platform refers to the operating platform where various experimental instruments and experimental personnel need to be placed during the experiment. Commonly include central platform, side platform, overhead platform, instrument platform, steel-wood unilateral experimental platform, all-steel central platform, water bucket platform, overhead platform, high temperature platform and ultra-clean experimental platform.

2. Test bench panel

Epoxy resin countertops, ceramic board countertops, corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board countertops, Trespa board.

3. Fume hood series

Fume hoods are also called exhaust cabinets and detox cabinets. It is a kind of furniture designed to protect the health of researchers and meet the specific environment of experimental research. Commonly used fume hoods are made of all steel, stainless steel and PP. Common types include panel fume hoods, steel-wood fume hoods, new all-steel fume hoods, floor-standing all-steel fume hoods, walk-in, desktop and so on.

4. Cabinet series

Storage cabinets are cabinets used to store various experimental supplies, reagents, medicines, clothing, etc. Most of the experimental supplies have specific requirements for the storage space environment. In order to meet these requirements, the storage cabinets are subdivided into reagents according to various types of storage items. Cabinets, biological safety cabinets, medicine cabinets, acid-base cabinets, lockers, sample cabinets, utensil cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, clean gas storage cabinets, explosion-proof safety cabinets, shelves, etc.