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I think the essence here is that the kid love of the tradition and culture comes from an innocent place. The parents are trying to make her happy, and the foggy lens they have exposes their own lack of knowledge which makes it cringy and elicits an icky feeling in us due to the horrible way we have been represented in Western culture. I think without the poorly done white makeup and trigger inducing hands clasped, the optics of this photo would been less of a thing on the internet..

First thing: For those who are going to try our Week 1278 “grandfoals” contest and I hope that’s all of you; what do you have to lose? you’ll want the handy dandy list of all 68 of this week’s inking foal names at the bottom of this page. That’s something that delights me in an age when being 25 years old (the Invitational, not me; I’m 12) is not exactly considered a virtue. The final count by Loser Jonathan Hardis, who sorts them alphabetically for me every year (since Word won’t do what I need) was 4,213 entries, whittled from an initial count of 4,350 after Jonathan discovered groups of entries that some people had submitted multiple times..

At their March 20 meeting, the MNA Board voted to support the alcohol license application for Josh Schwentzel , Hastings Cameron and Gil Altschul for 16 Spoons LLC dba Two Straws. The ALRC will hear the application at their April 23 meeting and the Council will review the ALRC’s recommendation April 29. The bar will be two stories and the applicants propose to have a capacity of 50 people.

Normal Army troopers cover a lot, you can find them anywhere. They represent a traditional army, and have traditional infantry, motorized, artillery, and armor formations. Like we see in Solo, with full kit they can appear to be very stormtrooper like, but they aren Army are also more average Joe types with less indoctrination, so you can bribe, coerce, or otherwise convince a trooper to betray the Empire if the conditions are right.

9th June 2010Quote: “It’s been a year and some change, you know. Like, I’m over it. There’s no bad blood. This in turn will enhance Turkey’s “value added economy”, minister Mustafa Varank said Wednesday. Supporters of the programme believe it will provide jobs for scientists, reducing a brain drain from the country. The First Minister said on Tuesday that she will “continue to do my job” when asked whether the coronavirus press conferences, which are currently broadcast in full, would carry on once strict pre election rules kick in.

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