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A ban on hand held devices while driving, as much as I hate to admit it is probably a good move, I drove professionally for 10 years and did over a million miles with no accidents, I am proud of that, and all the while I was on the CB, difference was I pressed one button to talk, that’s it. Fast forward to today though and I know myself that when I am in my vehicle and I need to make a call, let’s just say I have lost track of my vehicle in my lane from time to time, Not Good. When I am behind a vehicle that is driving erratically and get a chance to look inside while I navigate around the same car two or three times because they speed up and slow down continually, usually they are on the phone.

District 2 residents continue to contact me with concerns about speeding, congestion, and rude driver behavior that reduces safety for pedestrians, children, and bicyclists. Many of these safety concerns result from cut through drivers trying to avoid the E. Johnson Reconstruction project, while others are due the increase in traffic throughout the isthmus and downtown..

Postpone financial decisions or shopping until after it is over.Aquarius (Jan. 20 Feb. 18)Today might feel a bit otherworldly or as if you’re caught in an episode of the Twilight Zone. However, it’s safe to say there will still be some juice in the Randwick track given how heavy it was last Saturday and there is nothing in her form to suggest she won’t cope. In her one run on a Good track she won at Moonee Valley, albeit a StrathAyr surface. Still, to back anything to beat her you are banking on her training off, especially under the conditions of this race.

Both M cars are undeniably driver’s cars, but I couldn’t grasp the point of the M6; the two ton weight of the 6 Series is understandable because grand tourers are supposed to be supple land yachts. And I can look past the added heft of the M5 because it’s a daily drivable saloon, and doesn’t have the same racing history as the M6 (whose ancestor was the classic 3.0 CS). But if I wanted a trackable GT the exemplary BMW M3 is cheaper, more nimble and light, and has near telepathic steering feel.

But regardless of the source, the tap water in this quiet little mountain town was a magical mixture of minerals from the surrounding Rocky Mountains, and it tasted darn good just by itself, even before it was made into coffee.Now, there something you should understand about Woodland Park, Colorado. Aside from having delicious water available right from the tap, it stood nestled in the Rockies at an elevation of just over 8,500 feet (2,600 m). And at this altitude, water did not boil at 212F (100C), but at 197F (91.7C).

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