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As you may know the Mayor has removed the fire station from his 5 year capital budget two years in a row. I was able to have the fire station reinstated through budget amendments. The Mayor has signed the 2017 budget which includes the schedule described above.

Of course there are. Right now, it’s all about bold frames, spectacles that don’t pretend to be invisible. Such frames are mostly black or tortoiseshell plastic. It seems that the message of UK rioters was not so very different to that of their French counterparts. Social exclusion and economic deprivation, combined with a strong sense of injustice, make a potent cocktail. Shake it enough and it is bound to spill over.

Scarlett Johansson, just one of the celebs expected at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner. (AP) The three celeb centric stories we’re tracking this weekend 1. Abrams, Jon Bon Jovi, Betty White, Bradley Cooper and at least one star of “Glee” (Matthew Morrison).

Imsorryjon (ISJ) is a subreddit mainly based on Garfield content, hence the name. Any content that does not mainly include a character from the Garfield franchise is banned. The only exception to this rule is during the weekends (00:00 UCT Saturday to 24:00 UTC Sunday) where content referencing other characters or originally created characters are allowed.

Here’s the thing though. Neither were the messages you received from your coworker. If if something is happening inside your relationship that makes you uncomfortable you should respectfully and responsibly speak up. The Applicant has submitted quotes for the work, but the details in the scopes of work were minimal in detail and some of the methods described do not meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. This includes pressure washing the building, mechanically cutting out mortar joints, sealing the masonry, etc. Staff provided feedback on the submission regarding our concerns for the proposed methods and lack of detail (correspondence is attached), but has not heard anything further.

He is asking for TID 37 funds to provide the shared parking. On Tuesday, the Council will be reconsidering the Judge Doyle Square project for the third time. The zoning text amendment I have been working on regarding brewpubs, tasting rooms and restaurant nightclubs (the 2nd substitute) is at Council for final approval.

We have an opportunity right now to take a reasonable step back that could have an exponential impact. Thirty days would give the health care system time to roll out the vaccine to thousands more Connecticut residents at the same time that further social distancing measures would slow the pace of infections. The time for Lamont to act is now..

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