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The subreddit is temporarily in restricted mode due to an influx of new users. If you like to post, please send a request to the moderators. This isn a blocker. But other videos show officers trying in vain to keep the crowd from breaking into the building. One disturbing video shows a bloodied Metropolitan police officer screaming for help as he’s crushed by protesters inside the Capitol building. The young officer is pinned between a riot shield and metal door.

Branching off from Facebook, Zynga, another Kleiner Perkins investment, is the fastest growing investment that Kleiner has ever made, Doerr says. He believes they nailed the mixture of social with a business model. It isn just about advertising, it about virtual goods.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II specificationsThe Canon EOS M50 Mark II features the DIGIC 8 image processor and 24.1 megapixel resolution. It has a 384 zone metering sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF. You get Face + Tracking, Zone AF, 1 point AF, and Spot AF. But you don have to listen very hard to hear passion in their voices. If these people aren serious about movies, they are serious about profiting from them. C la vie..

Prey selection by carnivores can be affected by top down and bottom up factors. For example, large carnivores may facilitate food resources for mesocarnivores by providingcarcasses to scavenge, however mesocarnivores may hunt large prey themselves, and their diets might be affected by prey size and behaviour. We reviewed jackal diet studies and determined how the presence of large carnivores and various bottom up factors affected jackal prey selection.

If we want to keep tax increases to no more than 2% it is clear that we cannot do it all.From the information now available, I will support the addition of a new Midtown police station. This will take pressure off the largest station on the far west side. Much of the violent crime and population growth is in that area and they need the additional staff.

A delegation of 12 observers traveled to Luhansk Oblast in Ukraine to report on the adherence to international election standards in the province. This delegation of observers had the opportunity to visit all electoral territories in Luhansk Oblast prior to Election Day (E Day). The delegation remained in the province over a ten day period, commencing on 23 October 2004 and concluding on 1 November 2004..

At least six people were killed and 65 others hospitalized in a massive wreck on I 35 in Forth Worth, Texas, early Thursday. Three of the hospitalized people are in critical condition, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports. In all, 133 cars, trucks, vans, and 18 wheelers collided in the express lane amid icy weather..

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