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Fiscal Note: The proposed resolution terminates the TIF Loan to a Stone House Development affiliate for the Madison Mark Project located at 132 E Wilson Street and defers an $875,000 Equity Participation Payment to 2035. Stone House Development is refinancing the Project and requests the Equity Participation Payment be deferred in exchange for maintaining Affordable Units for 15 years. The TIF Loan has otherwise been repaid and all obligations outside of the Equity Participation Payment have been satisfied.

Browse through our stellar collection of lenses and frames for women and you’ll see the oversized designer sunglasses that look deliciously different on the well known celebrities that look for them as often as you do. After all, looking good in the sun isn’t just a matter of good skin tone or a fancy wardrobe. You need to accent your face with eyewear that compliments everything else well.

Sure, it March, the month of storms, but the Canadian skies seem more foreboding than they have in years. Rail blockades are crippling commerce and killing jobs while politicians flail about over who should do what. Projects are being cancelled and a recession may be looming while the coronavirus pandemic promises damage and sorrow we can predict.

With massive sound, intuitive controls, and three noise canceling modes, PX are an urban audiophile’s dream. In my opinion, they’re the best noise canceling wireless headphones for the sidewalks and subways of New York. A generous 22 hour battery life (up to 30 if you plug them in) means they’ll survive nearly a week of playback, but by far the coolest feature of my PXs is their intuitiveness.

The unified rules list 31 infractions that can result in penalties or disqualification at the discretion of the referee. These include head butting, eye gouging, biting, spitting, hair pulling, groin attacks, putting a finger into any of your opponent’s orifices, striking the back of the head or spine, kidney kicks with your heel (although using your elbow is fine), throat strikes of any kind (including “grabbing the trachea”), clawing, pinching, kicking or kneeing the head of a “grounded” opponent, stomping a grounded opponent, using abusive language and, most detrimental perhaps to the sport’s popularity, timidity. Others include the choke, guillotine, hammerfist, spinning back kick, Superman punch, rear naked choke, axe kick, and the ground and pound, the latter of which might more accurately be called “opening a can of whoop ass.”How do I know when it’s over?.

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