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The Paralympic Games is celebrated in the mainstream media in line with the vision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ‘To enable Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.’ In this paper we explore the degree to which the flagship of parasport has acted as a catalyst for an enhanced social and cultural understanding of disabled embodiments. Drawing upon a Foucauldian conceptualisation of biopower in connection with Harraway’s articulation of the cyborg, we highlight how hybrid bodies inevitably fail to promote embodied difference because they constitute, in and of themselves, a product of “normalizing” technology. In light of critiques such as that of the sporting supercrip, we argue that the heroic glorification of Paralympic cyborgs further amplifies the inadequacy of non cyborg disabled bodies, whose impairments cannot be “compensated for” by movement technologies.

At its peak, a strong VR experience is one of the most satisfying forms of entertainment attainable with modern technology. With the Quest 2, it’s more accessible than ever. The barrier to a great VR experience has never been lower. Since coming into the NBA in 2009, Houston Rockets guard James Harden has developed into one of the best pure offensive players that the league has seen. Harden has shown the ability to create space and separation from defenders, using a herky jerky style that looks unconventional, but has been wildly effective for him. That style of play is one reason why Harden won the 2017 18 NBA MVP award..

Robert Thompson heads up the corporate team at Ward HadawayLeading commercial law firm Ward Hadaway is celebrating after being recognised as the busiest corporate dealmaker in the North East in the annual Experian MarketIQ league tables, for the third year in a row, as well as ranking within the top 10 nationally.The data published by independent analysts Experian MarketIQ, which tracks M deals valued at more than 500,000 at regional and national level, has found Ward Hadaway to be the region top legal adviser in 2020, as measured both by volume of deals and by their value.Despite the unprecedented logistical and economic hurdles posed by the pandemic, the 30 strong corporate team delivered an impressive number of deals.Agile working, digitisation and collaboration were at the heart of an approach which has seen the award winning dealmakers go from strength to strength in 2020.As well as ranking top in the North East, the team has also moved up a place in both Manchester and Yorkshire to fifth and sixth respectively, reflecting continuing expansion in both of these markets.Navigating the challenges of the pandemic Robert Thompson, head of corporate at Ward Hadaway, said: “As 2019 drew to a close, our biggest perceived threat on deal activity was the uncertainty posed by Brexit but that then paled in comparison to the havoc wrought by Covid 19, which obviously took everyone by surprise.”The first quarter of the financial year was challenging to say the least, as deal activity dropped off completely last March, but we remained positive and proactive, supporting our clients through the new environment we found ourselves in.”We began to see a gentle uptick in deal activity in July, which continued throughout August and September. The last quarter then saw a frenetic increase in deal activity, with many of the team working extraordinarily hard during this period.”Our rankings are a testament to the herculean efforts of our experienced lawyers, who go above and beyond to achieve exceptional results for their clients, whatever the circumstances.”Rob paid testament to the grit, determination and agility of the team as well as the trust of the firm professional friends and clients.He continued: “Agile remote working and digitisation of deal processes had a huge part to play in our success. The team who pre pandemic operated predominantly in a face to face environment had to quickly adapt to online working and the new normal in order to transact deals which they did with speed and dexterity.”Everything from due diligence to negotiations, execution of documents and closing processes all had to be undertaken remotely, through digital means.

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