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Well turns out Richard wasn’t only good at winning Stanley Cups (he has the all time record, with 11 Cup rings!). He was also not bad at doing sportscasts, and so Bay had to serve drinks at the brasserie. That night, much of the staff of the station turned up to see Bay dishing out the brews..

And like most troubled kids, she hated the new, strict environment she encountered at Youth Home, where behaviors were noted and met with consequences. But, she shrugged, got used to it. Than that, Tiffany learned to process her thoughts, and to write about what I feeling.

Castor declined to use “graphics or a video tools his TV obsessed client had hoped to deploy.” And the former president was upset Castor “wore an ill fitting suit and at one point praised the case presented by the Democratic House impeachment managers,” The Washington Post adds, even though Trump himself was reportedly also impressed with the impeachment managers and their video presentation. And Castor notably “did what Trump himself has not: conceded Joe Biden won the presidential election,” The notes. He called Trump a “former president,” said he “was removed by the voters,” and argued that Americans are “smart enough to pick a new administration if they don like the old one, and they just did.” Trump continues to insist falsely that he actually won the election, and this “big lie” that the election was “stolen” from him undergirds his entire impeachment trial.

It took more than a dozen years for researchers to accept the notion of completeness in the context of internal validity. Utilizing the tools of the do calculus (Pearl, 1995, Tian and Pearl, 2001, Shpitser Pearl, 2006) completeness tells us what assumptions are absolutely needed for nonparametric identification of causal effects, how to tell if they are satisfied in any specific problem description, and how to use them to extract causal parameters from non experimental studies. One purpose of this post is to urge the research community, especially Deaton and Cartwright to study the recent mathematization of externaly validity and to benefit from its implications..

During times where every smartphone, especially in this range, ships with a fast charger, the 15W charger is a big letdown. It takes over two hours for the phone to fully charge. So, if you want a fast charger, be ready to shell out extra money. They need better direction and resources from administration. The PEG program is a bust,a dead end, in my eyes. Look at DPS for the worst of achievement gap.

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