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Thank you for the thought provoking post, it nice to think about things. I believe if we were to stop participating, we may focus more on things such as having our own gardens, raising our families, and less about slave labor if you will. But others would for sure try to persuade and steal, and hurt people.

When you make a mistake working with metal, you can always fix it by welding a small piece of metal back into the structure. With plastic, you only have one shot, so you have to get it right the first time. Courtesy of State Optical]Shapiro, whose family has been in the eyewear wholesale business since 1977, had noticed that the quality of eyewear had been steadily getting worse.

Ron Wyden (D Ore.) not only skeptical about what the deal would accomplish but raised concerns about Oracle’s close ties to the Trump administration and the data broker’s own record on privacy.”I’m waiting to see all the details, but it’s hard to imagine this is anything but a payoff from China to one of Donald Trump’s major campaign fundraisers,” Wyden said Tuesday. “Making Oracle a middleman won’t protect Americans against Chinese government influence, and to make matters worse, Oracle has an awful record of harvesting and selling Americans’ private data to anyone with a credit card.”Sen. Mark Warner, (D Va.), said in a speech yesterday that any scrutiny of technology players “must be done honestly.” He warned that the “haphazard actions on TikTok fail that test and will only invite retaliation against American companies.”Our top tabsGoogle is asking employees to more closely moderate internal message boards for racism and abuse.The company saw an increase in posts by employees being reported, according to internal documents .

Jensen briefly looks toward the Senate chambers, then follows Goodman, who is walking in the other direction and toward backup. In an indictment unsealed Wednesday, prosecutors said Jensen told investigators he positioned himself at the front of the mob because he wanted his T shirt, promoting the right wing conspiracy theory group QAnon, to be visible. He faces charges including trespassing, obstructing police during a civil disorder and resisting officers..

He argues that the best way to motivate people is to give them opportunities for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.That not exactly a new idea. The 19th century philosopher Immanuel Kant believed strongly in the notion of dignity, which he defined as treating people as ends in themselves, rather than as means to an end. Nobody wants to be a cog in somebody else machine.When you treat people as ends in themselves, you make their goals your own.

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