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Nominated by President Obama a few months ago. Today. The ceremony was attended by Foxx’s wife, Samara, and their two children, Hillary and Zachary, and used a Bible belonging to Secretary Foxx’s great grandparents, Peter and Ida Kelly. Aldo Sportelli, two years her senior, was smitten. Lanky, with a shy smile, he would hang around the kitchen when he came home from school. “Ours was a relationship of kids,” Aldo would tell me.

Shimmering water and pristine white snow can create a tremendous reflective glare from the sunlight incident on it. Even long road stretches can produce such glares. The iris in our eye has a natural mechanism of becoming narrow and blocking light, but it is unable to block such bright glares, which is where polarized sunglasses become useful..

Smartphone manufacturers keep releasing models that are faster and better than the ones that came before. We see bigger screens, better cameras and improved designs, but it isn’t often that completely new capabilities are added to a phone. Asus has decided to blaze a new path with the Zenfone AR, the first device to support Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality apps..

During stage 1 instances of SCP 3911 disperse from their parent fungi as spores and seek out a host item. Items that have previously been recorded as serving as host items include glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, nasal strips, and other sensory aids. SCP 3911’s methods for identifying host objects are currently unknown.

The crowd was a sign of the ongoing challenge Trump poses to a Republican Party whose Washington leaders have all but shunned him since his supporters violently stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 in a bid to overturn the results of a democratic election. But Trump retains his iron grip on the Republican base, with the support of millions of loyal voters and allies still helming the Republican National Committee and many state party organizations..

Soda sales are down. Diet soda sales are down. Someone in Coca Cola headquarters seemingly thinks they have a salve for soda downfall in a new typeface called TCCC Unity, which elements from Coca Cola past and its American Modernist heritage. Highlights: Selection of the architecture team for the Madison Public Market, funding for programing and improvements at Goodman Community Center, and Garver Lot 2 development agreement at Finance Monday. Two mayoral forums this week Tuesday at the downtown library (or live streaming on City Channel) and Wednesday at the Barrymore Theater on Madison’s Arts Future see details below. Also Wednesday 929 E Washington phase 1 at Urban Design Commission (the Mautz block); the ALRC will take up new license at 901 E Washington in the new Hotel Indigo (historic Kleuter building); and the Taskforce on Government Structure receives preliminary reports from two subcommittees.

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