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Started in October 2006, the e auction facility has proved to be a hit, with the commissionerate recording an unprecedented disposal of seized and confiscated goods worth Rs 21.97 crore till March. The list of auctioned goods, according to a senior official, ranges from electronic items like VCPs/VCRs, CD players, walkmans and stereo to even polo neck ladies tops and kids wear. It also includes machinery, vehicles, scissors, showpiece items, nail cutters, razor blades, cordless phones, cameras, mobile chargers, calculators and emergency lamps.

And sorry it’s too long but make sure if you get told “you need to change them” ok, show me the new part and let’s look up the specs for wear and when to change the parts, they should be able to measure them on the spot if they a good shop, the auto industry is not making money from the cars, they make money from the consumables like tires, filters, liquids, breaks, houses and even wiper blades because that’s how they keep you hooked but if you research and ask, there’s no reason for them to pressure you or gilt you or try to keep your car, just say, no thanks, I’ll take care of it later or nah I’ll pass thanks. Ask your car friend to check it out for you. And for those that say “but they need to make money too” yeah but make it by being honest and you’ll get them returning and bringing their friends not by lying and bullying, that just keeps people away.

This study investigates the influence of multilayer substrate configuration in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (HSCWs) on their treatment performance, biofilm development, and solid accumulation. Three pilot scale HSCWs were built to treat campus sewage and have been operationalfor three years. The HSCWs included mono layer (CW1), three layer (CW3), and six layer (CW6) substrate configurations with hydraulic conductivity of the substrate increasing from the surface to bottom in the multilayer CWs.

The Streets Division crews along with heavy equipment contractors will begin plowing all city streets at 7am on Tuesday, March 6. All Madison streets should have their initial plowing 12 to 14 hours after the citywide operation commences. The combined plow force of the Streets Division and heavy equipment contractors will be approximately 150 pieces of equipment..

Last night was full of running around, from a party at Southampton Social Club and dinner with my family at Sant Ambroeusto meeting friends at 75 Main. I decided to throw on this transitional cotton twill mini dress to suit all of the places that my evening had set for me. The dress features a fierce jungle print that incorporates a bold color combination of coral, turquoise, banana, and black, all to form a multi leaf motif..

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