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The real problem? Facebook developers were just as naive. Employees I talked to admit that iPhone users testing Home made Facebook fail to see how wrong it was to overwrite people widgets, docks, and folders. Unlike working on some standard app, sticking a new Android device in an employee hand to test Home wasn sufficient.

Its time for us to become warriors in this WarAgainstCovid19. Woh bhi ghar baithe baithe! Lets come together and make sure we can provide our healthcare workers with what they need the most at this time PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits. Few days back Sonakshi Sinha took to her social media handle and posted another selfie where she can be seen seating inside her car “just to remember what it feels like” while showing us how flawless a sun kissed summer skin looks like..

Truly a shame, as from what I see, this is an otherwise amazing coating job and whoever sprayed it has a great hand/movement score. What does it add up to? In this case to match more of the paint you are going after, settle down and bring them some similar materials for a test run with primer (anybody who knows me, knows that I not a huge fan of primer. This is one of the rare cases where I say to use it).

I recently got a chance not just to try out Magic Leap and HoloLens, but to do so back to back a rare treat for expensive developer hardware made by competing companies. Thanks to a gathering of virtual and augmented reality storytellers arranged by StoryUp, a startup that helps produce immersive content, and the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri, I was able to use both products extensively. The exposure to both headsets in the same time and place gave me strong impressions of what each product is and isn’t good at..

And the movie, bless its heart, is quite decent to our opponents in that conflict, the Japanese. You can feel restraint all the way through, and if this is certainly market driven, the gentleness is still worthy of appreciation: The Japanese are never personified in the old style, and there’s no money shot of grinning Oriental fiends, cackling with raptor’s glee as they machine gun sailors, and there’s no sense of Americans then paying them back in vengeful lead. Yet at the same time the unlovely word “Jap” is uttered promiscuously during the attack, as it must have been in the real thing.

Mr Davie, who took up the post of director general in the autumn, said it was of “deep concern” that China was preventing the BBC from doing its job. But he stressed the wider concern that China and by implication other countries such as Russia were trying to peddle their own state controlled news operations abroad while attacking the free press within their borders. Mr Davie last night told : “Media freedom matters.

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