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Porsche’s roof engineers didn’t only find a way to make a better, lighter top, they found a way to pay a smaller price when it came to marrying the roof to the car. The weight of the 997 Carrera convertible equipped with with the 3.6 liter flat six and PDK dual clutch gearbox was 1,530 kilograms (3,366 pounds). Porsche got the curb weight of a PDK equipped 991 convertible (with its 350 horsepower, 287 pound feet of torque 3.4 liter engine) down to 1,463 kg (3,219 lbs), which they deemed “as light we could go.” Then they added seven kilograms, all of 15.4 pounds, for extra stiffening and the electric motor that controls the rear window, making its final weight 1,470 kg (3,234 lbs)..

I’m a barbecue enthusiast where I dabble in competitive barbecue. Recently I took home the title of best burger on Drake. I’m planning on competing in a baby back rib competition this summer. Accutane is the nuclear option, and is reserved as a last resort for good reasons. There are a lot of intermediate steps between your current routine and going on accutane. Have you tried any topical retinoids for instance? The Tazorac she Rx you is a topical retinoid and it is the best and most responsible thing to try before putting a patient on accutane.

Metro resumes fare collection on all buses starting Tuesday, September 1. Passengers must have cash or a valid pass to ride. Also starting on Tuesday, September 1, passengers are directed to board at the front of the bus to access the farebox. The agencies report that this type of filter was effective at removing PFC or PFAS from drinking water. A filter certified to meet ANSI/NSF P473 will reduce PFOA PFOS down to the EPA Health Advisory Level of 70 parts per trillion. However, detections of PFOA PFOS at Well 15 are 11 parts per trillion, already significantly lower than the health advisory level..

8,999), Voyage (Rs. 16,499) or Oasis (Rs. 23,999) all part of the Kindle family. The lume is all intact except a piece that fell out of the minute hand. It’s a nice creamy coffee color. The most striking feature is the slight tropicalized ghosted polka dotty texture to the dial you can really only see in person and the BLUED HANDS.

(Also see: Samsung Offering Help at Airport to Those Affected by Note 7 Ban)For years, the mobile phone unit was just one of several important divisions within Samsung Electronics, along with semiconductors and televisions. That changed with the advent of the smartphone and Samsung’s success in becoming a leader in the burgeoning new field. The mobile unit accounted for 27 percent of revenue in 2010, with the proportion surging to 61 percent in 2013..

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