In his first game on Jan. 18, McKinnie scored nine points and grabbed six rebounds. McKinnie tallied six points to go with three boards on Tuesday night.”He gives us speed on that wing position. After attending St. Catherine’s for two years, (chem. Major) she was accepted into the U.

The border with Brazil would be “completely and absolutely” closed from 8pm (00:00 GMT) onwards, Maduro said in a televised address on Thursday.The embattled leader said he was also considering a “total closure of the border with Colombia”, where he has already ordered the military to barricade a major border bridge to prevent aid from entering the country from the Colombian border town of Cucuta where supplies are being stockpiled, most of it from the United States.Calling the aid a “provocation” and a “child’s game”, Maduro suggested it was aprecursor to a US military intervention in the oil rich, but economically crippled the Latin American country.”[The US] aimed to generate a huge national mess, but they didn’t succeed.In a decree, the Venezuelan military also said it was banning vessels from sailing out of Venezuela’s ports until Sunday to avoid actions by “criminal” groups.Despite Maduro’s announcement, the Brazilian government said it will go ahead with the airlifting of aid, and stockpilenonperishable food and medicine in the border town of Pacaraima.Hamilton Mourao, Brazil’s vice president, told Al Jazeera Brazilian officials will not “trespass the border”.Guaido has set a Saturday deadline for the aid to be allowed into Venezuela. He saidhe aims to rally a million volunteers to start bringing to those in need.”Confirmed it’s rolling,” a spokesman for Guaido said on Thursday, referring to the collection operation announced by Guaido.”We know that the regime is going to put all obstacles to prevent us from reaching the border, but nothing is stopping us, we are going to continue,” said opposition politician Yanet Fermin.Guaido still has not provided details on how the aid could come in. Opposition figures have suggested forming human chains across the land borders to pass packages from person to person and fleets of boats arriving from the Dutch Caribbean islands.Some have described the aid effort as a publicity stunt, rather than one to help the Venezuelan people.”The aid itself won’t make a difference.

Judge on Monday asked the Justice Department to explain whether President Donald Trump order commuting Roger Stone prison term means the veteran Republican operative does not need to be supervised by probation officers as many convicted felons are after being freed. Congressional Democrats and other critics accused Trump of abuse of power and an assault on the rule of law after the Republican president on Friday gave executive clemency to Stone, his longtime friend and adviser. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who presided over Stone trial, set a July 14 deadline to receive a copy of Trump clemency order along with an explanation about whether it also commutes the period that Stone was meant to be supervised after leaving prison..

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