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Highlights: The East End development proposal. The proposal for the East End (134 140 S Blair St and 506 518 E Wilson St) AKA the Essen Haus block is at Landmarks Commission on Monday. The preservation planner does not believe that the proposal meets the standards for construction of a new principal structure in the First Settlement Historic District or meets the standards for lot combination as currently proposed.

These are served with sides of grits and roasted Brussels sprouts. Also, two Muddy’s cupcakes, six roses from Rachel’s, two chocolate martinis from Second Line, and a bottle of Constantia Uitsig South African sparkling wine from Joe’s. And it comes with a card for you to pour your heart into to whoever you’re sharing (or not sharing) the package with.

Travel Period: The vacation travel dates must occur between December 9, 2019 and June 30, 2020 (inclusive). The total amount of bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points that may be awarded to a qualified TD Travel Credit Card account will be 30,000 TD Points/TD Rewards Points (Bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points) regardless of whether the cardholder purchased multiple Qualified Bookings during the Booking Period. Bonus TD Points/TD Rewards Points will be applied to the qualified TD Travel Credit Card no later than March 15, 2020 to the TD Travel Credit Card that made the Qualified Booking on condition that the TD Travel Credit Card is (i) the TD Travel Credit Card is open and in good standing, (ii) the credit cardholder’s agreement has not ended, and (iii) the Qualified Booking was not cancelled for any reason during the Travel Period.

Professor Reinhard says the class tried passing the device around, but it would often shut down or lock up after being handled. Once the unit turns off, she adds, it is often hard to power up. It was also difficult to record video for more than 12 seconds, without having to continually instruct the unit to do so, she adds..

Mr Biden said his administration had been led to believe there was far more vaccine available than turned out. “So that’s why we’ve ramped up every way we can,” he added. Kylie Moore Gilbert, 33, has filed for divorce from Ruslan Hodorov, her Russian Israeli husband, according to the Herald Sun of Melbourne.

“It all happened so quickly. We thought, ‘Oh we’ll probably be opening in a couple of months’ but it didn’t happen unfortunately.”Nectar had about 10 employees when it temporarily closed in March. White and Baharmast did not apply for any local or federal coronavirus relief programs since their employees would benefit more from filing for unemployment, White said.When local restaurants began to reopen and the sisters realized they’d likely be bringing in only about 30 percent of the business they used to get, they decided to make the closure permanent.”I think there’s a lot of small businesses that [COVID 19 has] affected, and it’s just a huge decision to reopen or not,” White said.

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